12 PACK Surprise Yoga Pants :)

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Creating a collection is the crème de la crème for an artist. Purchasing the 12 pack is giving us the pleasure of doing what we love most. It's amazing making every single garment, but I have to admit, it's just a little more awesome painting and bundling together 12 unique Surprise Pants that were made to be one big happy family. So go ahead and bless us with the opportunity to WOW you.

To get a better feel for our art, browse our Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook pages.

The picture gallery above is intended to show you the styling and fit only, not the color schemes or art themes. We will use a blank pair of pants as a canvas to whip up a spectacular Surprise, JUST FOR YOU. Why so much less than our Design Your Own Pants? Well, not only is it an honor, but we wanted more time to create on the Fly, the feeling of time Flying by, the creative Freedom makes us feel as though we are Flying.

Play to us is painting and embellishing one of a kind yoga pants fresh from the ideas in our head, rather than following any templates. We are rewarding those who totally trust our work, and are always keen to "one offs" and open to artistic surprise. Now remember, by purchasing this item you promise we get to decide it all, leave it up to us, they'll be AMAZING! We will only take note of your measurements. If you would rather provide even the littlest of input, even the slightest suggestion, please use any one of our other Design Your Own products found here- Couture Tee.

This deal requires complete artist AUTONOMY, No Exceptions...for reals, noooooo exceptions:) I look forward to creating a collection for you today, and would like to thank you for your support in making us successful independent artists.


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