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  • Building a Dream & we need You
  • Each & Every Surprise is Hand Painted with Love
  • I'd Love to see ya. Follow us & we will follow you.
  • FLYING: When work is play.
Building a Dream & we need You1 Each & Every Surprise is Hand Painted with Love2 I'd Love to see ya. Follow us & we will follow you.3 FLYING: When work is play.4

Receiving surprise gifts have always been among the most magical, wonderful experiences of our lives. Birthday presents, Christmas gifts, surprises from loved ones all give us such a positive, emotional burst of anticipation and appreciation. Surprise Pants.com has incorporated all of the elements of the quintessential surprise into an endless world of amazing gifts for you!!

David Williams

David Williams has been designing original, hand made clothing for film, television and celebrities for over 20 years. David's most recent joint ventures include Kenneth Cole's Black Label, and Andrew Rosen's Theory. His carefully constructed pieces continue to grace the closets of Grammy and Academy Award winners, mainly due to his ability to capture and enhance all of the many unique qualities of his clients. David's main focus these days is in creating and developing the genre of Reverse Engineering, in which he reverse tailors and accentuates high end vintage clothing.

Tristan Christopher

Women’s health is a crucial component of society. Providing quality information and training to promote better living, and making it easily accessible to everyday professional women and mothers is so rewarding.

After receiving my Bachelors in Science in Biochemistry, I quickly realized the importance in incorporating the best of western science and eastern philosophy to build a more balanced approach to living more healthily. Designing nutritional plans and advanced functional training routines was a technical passion, but I soon recognized in order to remain mentally sound, I would have to express my creative side as well.

Thanks to all of my clients, members and friends, I have been able to manifest one of my dreams. Creating wearable art for amazing people that have granted me complete creative control....what more can an artist ask for! Mix in a little spontaneity, and a dash of fun and SURPRISE!

Together, we are bringing you the most dynamic collections of surprises imaginable! Our design and production cycle was created with you in mind. We add layers and dimensions of colors, images, shapes and craftsmanship to our goods, that we hope will redefine the word SURPRISE!!